Independent Commercial Compliance: Outstanding Experience

Shawn Reardon, President

Shawn has a vast and diverse set of experiences related to the pharmaceutical industry.  His experiences include Accounting, International Financial Auditing, Sales and Sales Management, Pharmaceutical Product Marketing, Director of Product Distribution, and Director of Contracting for Managed Markets.  This experience spans over 20 years within several different operating companies at Johnson & Johnson.
His experience as Director of Product Marketing for a $3.5 billion annual brand occurred at the same time as the issuance of the first compliance guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturers from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).  Thus, Shawn was responsible for implementing a robust compliance program for brand marketing at the inception of the guidance.  This required a completely new set of operating procedures to ensure compliant marketing programs and adherence to the new guidelines.  Shawn was able to lead the development and execution of the new guidelines into the marketing practices of Johnson & Johnson’s largest selling pharmaceutical brand.
Shawn’s experiences have aptly enabled him to guide Sales and Marketing teams in achieving compliant promotional programs.  He is certified in Health Care Compliance from the Seton Hall Law School, and has authored several white papers on various pharmaceutical healthcare compliance topics.  Additionally, he is responsible for authoring a bi-weekly news item reporting on the pressing issues in the compliance environment in the United States

John Reardon, Vice President

John has 37 years of related experience within the industry, most notably as a Compliance Officer for Janssen Pharmaceutica, a Johnson & Johnson company.  His background and experience has been focused on training, as he developed and lead the Sales Training and Management Development departments at two different Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical companies.  From the year 2000 onward John was responsible for managing the compliance activities at Janssen specifically related to CNS sales and marketing activities.  He is considered a subject matter expert related to heath care compliance vis-a-vis sales and marketing programs.
John has a long history of demonstrated success effectively working with Sales and Marketing groups developing compliant marketing programs.  He is certified in Health Care Compliance from the Seton Hall Law School.  His background in Training and Management Development, combined with the expertise garnered as a Compliance Officer at Johnson & Johnson, provides a working knowledge of laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies that is extremely valuable to pharmaceutical marketers

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